Student Ministries


Teenagers all over the world have questions. The ultimate question we all have is what is really true? From the Bible you can get answers for every question and problem in your life. You can find out that God really loves you and wants to help you!


We all want to have fun and at Mountain Avenue Baptist Church we do! Here are some things that we have done in the past:
• Youth Conference- Go to Six Flags!
• Summer Camps
• Baseball games
• Ice skating
• Hockey games
• Inflatable boxing and sumo wrestling
• Snow tubing



We all want good friends- the kind of friends that will always be there for you. At Mountain Avenue Baptist Church , we have teens from all of the different high schools and middle schools in Banning and the Pass area. If you are tired of pretending to be someone so that other people will accept you…quit playing the game. Quit risking your future for someone else’s approval. You                           will find real friendships and support at                                    Mountain Avenue Baptist Church.



9:45AM Connection Group just for teens
10:45AM Morning Worship Sevice
5:30PM Evening Worship Service

7PM Youth Service