Faith Bible

Every week members of our church meet on Monday night as they study the Bible together with college level classes.  

What is Faith Bible Institute?

Faith Bible Institute is a through the Bible course for every Christian.  Students study chronologically through Every Bible book and doctrine in classses that meet every Monday night.  Over 36,000 Christians in 100's of churches across the United States and on 6 continents have enrolled in Faith Bible Institutes 3 year study.  Faith Bible combines verse by verse Bible teaching, student workbooks,, and group classes to produce a life changing lerning experience.  Courses include six 17 to 18 week sememsters.


Classes meet every Monday at 6PM.  The typical format of a night:
6-6:50- Old Testament class and 10 minute break
7-7:50- New Testament class and 10 minute break
8-8:50- Theology or Bible class


Bible College Diploma- for completion of Basic Curriculum
Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies- fo completion of the Basic Curriculum and Elective courses
Certificate of Completion- for Auditing students who meet basic attendance and homework requirements
Letter of Recognition- for Auditing Students who meet basic attendance requirements